Tombo, Sierra Leone 

In May 2015 we were able to welcome back our great friend Abs Dumbuya who lives and works in Sierra Leone. Abs is an amazing guy...for more of his story click here.

abs 2015 01 (Abs with his new baby son - Isaac)

Abs was giving us an update on some of the projects we are invovled with in Sierra Leone including the building of a school in Tombo - a fishing village in a rural community. So far we have given £20,000 to enable this project to happen. We have done this because a few years ago when we visited we were taken to visit the school that is run by Regent Road Baptist Church (another one of our partners in the country). The school was meeting in a shack...the church receive hardly any money from the government to run the school ($1 per pupil per term), hence the really difficult conditions.

When we started this project around a year ago, £20,000 was more than enough to complete it. However since then the ebola disease has struck Sierra Leone and surrounding countries and that has meant prices have shot up. This is because things like sand and cement which were being produced locally have rocketed up in price because the production of them in the country has virtually stopped because people haven't been allowed to go to work to prevent the spread of the virus. Abs was telling us that the cost of cement used to be £6 per bag and is now £10 per bag. Other raw materials like sand and stone has doubled in price over the last few months.

We have been able to send another £6,000 for the project in the last few weeks and if you would like to give towards this project please send us your gift in an envelope clearly marked School Project, Tombo or pay direct from your bank account to the EBC bank account and send an email to our Finance Assistant Kat Morling at to let her know that you have done it.

Together it would be great to be able to finish this school and to provide the children of Tombo a safe and excellent place to receive their education. The school will be amazing when it is finished and be much bigger than the current shacks enabling many more children to go to school.

Thanks and God Bless

P.S Here are some pictures of the school building as it currently see the footprint of this amazing building on Google earth click here (it is the L-shaped building)

abs 2015 03

abs 2015 02