Join us on Sunday mornings at 11am for our August series “Q & A”.  In this series we tackle tough questions or objections that non-Christians might have about God, Christianity and the world we live in. We hope we can provide good answers to these questions so that we not only directly answer those who have them, but also equip each other for those tough questions whenever we encounter them on the frontlines of life. We will also be signposting people to our Next Steps area for some fantastic resources on these – and other – tough questions on our faith. Don’t miss out!
Sunday 7th August: Hasn’t Science Buried God? (Rob)
Sunday 14th August: Isn’t the Bible Just Mythology? (Simon)
Sunday 21st August: If Jesus is so good, why are Christians so horrible? (Simon)
Sunday 28th August: Why is Life Unfair? (Phil)